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I’ve been writing since Lamb Chops was feature programming.

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I’m a Millennial with an old soul. For me, changing the world through honest words is business as usual. I don’t believe in hype. I believe in creating organic relationships, experiences and conversations that will outlast trends and bring meaning to empty hearts.

I’ve seen the way our generation drowns in the digital pool of information overload, and I’m here to extend the only salvation I can offer: authentic stories and meaningful conversation. I’m no Christ, but I hope that through my words, you’ll see His light.

Spreading good vibes is what I do. Non-profits, socially responsible brands and businesses are my acquired taste for career and business opportunities. I write, I speak, I teach and I repeat. I live on the thrill of a job well done and delight in each opportunity to make tangible change.

My name means: Gift from God, and I’m  just trying to live up to my name

– Chiereme Fortune, Writer



“The Kingdom Seekers Fellowship Church first had the opportunity to hear The Spoken Word in Poetry by Chiereme during our Singles Weekend in 2015.  Her sharing was during an evening of fellowship for the singles and the message of inspiration and encouragement shared through what she spoke was touching and moving.  It was so fitting for the atmosphere that spoke life to the singles. Our second time experiencing her gift was during our 2017 Good Friday Service.  Once again her selection of Poetry was so appropriate and really shed light of what Jesus did to bring life and salvation to the world.” – Pastor Bernard Blackmon

Kingdom Seekers Fellowship Church

“Chiereme is a head of her time yet timeless; her spoken word is food to the soul. She  volunteered her time and talent in support of  Sexual Assault victims by creating a  customized piece that spoke to survivors and supporters.  This young lady is a performer that won’t soon be forgotten.  Incredible!”  – Ashley. R

Metropolitan Police Department

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